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     We can find most of natural vegetation in narrow banks of streams and coasts of lakes and several small forests. The biggest, matured forests are situated in the regions of the lakes Šventa and Bėlis. Deciduous trees in parks are sparser. Interesting oak forests grow in slopes of the lakes Mergežeris and Merkmenai. Natural meadows take rather small areas around the lakes. Complex of streams, small swamps and lake networks are of a big value, which forms “corridors” of damp areas creating excellent conditions to biological varieties. At the lakesides we can see communities of moor grasses with abundant number of plant species entered into the Red Book of Lithuania such as: Bastard Pimpernel (Centunculus minimus), Baltic Orchid (Dactylorhiza baltica), Meadow Gladiolus (Gladiolus imbricatus), Green Winged Orchid (Orchis morio) and Fragrant Orchid (Gymnadenia conopsea).

Atnaujinta (Rugpjūčio 07 d., 2014)