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Assigned territories

     There are nine Biosphere grounds or reserves assined to Sirvėta regional park directorate.


 Biosphere ground of Adutiškis – Guntauninkai forests

 Biosphere ground of Birvėta

 Biosphere ground of Gelednė

 Biosphere ground of Svyla

 Hydrographic reserve of Dysna

 Telmological reserve of Milašius

 Telmological reserve of Perūnas

 Telmological reserve of Vytėnai

 Landscape reserve of Cirkliškis


     The map of protected areas assigneted to directorates 

     Biosphere grounds or polygons have been around since 2004. Their network is being created as part of a national monitoring system concerned with the state of complex and special biological diversity, and as part of Europe‘s ecological network Natura 2000.

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